Everything you need to know about Blackmer pumps for paint and coatings

Blackmer offers a wide range of pumps that are specially designed to handle the substances used in the paint and coatings industry. These pumps have many advantages, including: improvement of fluid flow efficiencies, control costs with energy-efficient pump designs, eliminate VOC emissions with their zero-leak, sealless designs, ensure uptime performance, and control quality with their volumetric output consistency in mixing operations.

These pumps can be used for a range of substances, including:

• Solvent-borne paint & coatings
• Water-borne paint & coatings
• Petroleum mineral spirits
• Benzol
• Alcohols
• Esters
• Ketones
• Acetone
• Linseed, coconut and soybean oils
• Alkyds
• Acrylics
• Epoxies
• Polyurethanes
• Thickeners/Rheology modifiers
• Surfactants
• Biocides
• Defoamers
• Co-Solvents

And more.

AquaPump offers the full range of Blackmer pumps for the paint and coatings industry. These are the sliding vane pumps. You can click here to find out more about what we have to offer.

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Want to find out more? Download the full PDF of Blackmer pumps for paint and coatings: http://www.psgdover.com/assets/Blackmer-Paint-Coatings_Product-Brochure.pdf


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