Speck Pumpen Centrifugal Pumps

Speck Pumpen Centrifugal Pumps

Speck Pumpen has a wide range of pumps including small pumps with magnetic coupling, small pumps with shaft sealing, radial pumps and regenerative turbine pumps.



Technical Details of Speck Pumpen Centrifugal Pumps

Small pumps:
Different series
close-coupled pumps with mechanical seal, magnetic coupling or canned motor

Heat transfer pumps:
TOE-G/M Series
pumps with mechanical seal or magnetic coupling
water up to 180°C
oil up to 350 °C

Boiler feed pumps:
ES Series
multi-stage pumps in base plate version and in modular design


Small pumps:
Water feeding
Fuel supply
Laser cooling
Water treatment

Heat transfer pumps:
Heating of baking ovens and large frying units
Cooling of cold stores and refrigerated counters
Tempering of tool moulds
Production of edible oil and dry masses
Heating of calanders, melting pots, agitators and mixing tanks in the leather, rubber and chemical industry and for the production of lacquers, colours and adhesives
Heating of tank, fuel oil and bitumen chambers on stationary and mobile platforms as well as in tank ships, in crude oil production and processing
Heating of colouring, coating, washing, pressing und ironing systems in the textile industry
Heating of systems for bitumen production and processing, for drying applications and for the production of binders in the building industry
Heating of systems for the production of liquid crystals in the pharmaceutical industry
Heating of pipelines and treatment stations in the field of gas gathering
Heating of temperature controllers in the die cast industry.

Boiler feed pumps:
Delivery of hot water in boiler sytems
Recovery of condensates (water)
Extraction of palm-oil


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